Kindle Fire Bluetooth

Kindle Bluetooth Issue Resolved Through Kindle Fire HD

It is quite normal for Kindle tablet fanatics to feel disappointed

Knowing the fact that Kindle Bluetooth is non-existent to the first generation of tablets they released - even the Kindle Fire.

However, Amazon is thoughtful enough to address this issue and have created the much-improved Kindle Fire HD, that has Bluetooth, which everybody longed for Kindle tablets to have. Fire HD offers not just the addition of Bluetooth, but also the improvement of other aspects like hardware as well as software.

Design Enhancements

You can see how the first-generation Kindle looks like. The case seems like a box. Kindle Fire HD looks much different, more classy and elegant and the rounded edges make it look more refined and expensive. It’s also noticeable how Fire HD has that compact feel since it is built solidly. The only glitch for the build is the little gap between the screen and the bezel which is widened slightly. To further improve comfort, they have also placed physical volume controls.

Overall Performance

According to many Fire HD users, the performance may be “fluid” but not that fast compared to other tablets that respond in a snap. It features a dual-core processor 1.2GHz, which is a bit faster than its predecessor, but slower compared to Tegra 3 of Nexus 7.

Since Fire HD focuses primarily on the screen, it is noticeable how the screen displays the elements in a crisp and high-definition manner - colors are very vivid too! Although it does lack shading which is needed for the moving objects such as for games and in videos.

When it comes to the battery life, it lasts for up to 8 hours and 40 minutes, which is much less than expected what Amazon claims it does. However, if you compare it with other hundreds of nameless tablets on the market, Kindle Fire with a highly competitive price still gains the first spot.

Advanced Stereo Sound

For audiophile, this is great news since Fire HD was the first tablet to have the Dolby Digital plus Stereo sound. MP3, games and movies can be more exciting as the music details are great for the ears. Users find it the best tablet when it comes to audio quality.

Improved Connectivity

Unlike the older versions of Kindle where it lacks Bluetooth, you can enjoy transferring data from your device to other mobile gadgets through Kindle Bluetooth in Fire HD. This great addition is probably the “renaissance” of Kindle tablets in the midst of the high-end tablet competition on the market today.

Kindle Fire HD may not be the best bet for those who are already experts when it comes to tablets, but newcomers find it very appealing. And also, the fact that it came from Amazon serves as its strongest selling point, which makes users believe that they can offer more on their tablet products in the future.

Fire HD price starts at around $199 and its way cheaper than those competing tablets on the market today like the Nexus 7 as well as Galaxy Tab.