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Kindle Bluetooth Issue Resolved Through Kindle Fire HD

It is quite normal for Kindle tablet fanatics to feel disappointed

Knowing the fact that Kindle Bluetooth is non-existent to the first generation of tablets they released - even the Kindle Fire.

However, Amazon is thoughtful enough to address this issue and have created the much-improved Kindle Fire HD, that has Bluetooth, which everybody longed for Kindle tablets to have.

Fire HD offers not just the addition of Bluetooth, but also the improvement of other aspects like hardware as well as software.................. Read more.

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Improved Skype with the Kindle Fire HD

If it’s your first time using a Kindle device from Amazon

You must be aware of one thing

That although the device runs the popular Android system from Google

It still has its own distinctive interface that for some is actually quite different to mainstream Android-based tablets.

This is largely due to the fact that the designers have always emphasized the desire for making the new Kindle Fire HD a tablet that’s optimized for the Amazon ecosystem and user interface.................. Read more.

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